Packing and Moving services

Besides the best packing and moving services for its customer, NirmalTransport Packers and movers also gives assurance to transfer the household/corporate items with due safety. We undertake this work with best customer service reputation. We feel proud of it. We also give Reward, in form of offers to our valuable customer.


NirmalTransport Packers and movers knows how to keep care of its customer that’s why we are providing warehousing facility for you. However we have to work under certain terms and conditions too. We provide warehousing and best storage facility for restoring good within a certain time frame. Our warehouse are well secured, water proof, large and fully equipped to ensure safety of your good. The items are stored after fully inspection after they arrive at our warehouse. Further if you have any private/costly item, you may contact our desk officer for assistance.

Loading & Unloading Services

Our loaders are truly seasoned professionals with the most experience in the business on how to load and unload pods containers and rental trucks. Our load service makes certain all your items are safe and secure with our detail-oriented loading service employees. Our employees and companies that we work with are required to have worked at least for a year in the moving industry before we allow them to represent our loading services company. At NirmalTransport Packers & Movers We offer 1 to 10 professional loaders per load service to help provide the best Moving Services while loading and unloading Pods Containers, rental trucks or trailers. Our loaders will be happy to assist customers with assembling and/or reassembling beds, tables or other items as needed during the loading and unloading of your pods containers or rental trucks, at no additional charge (charges may apply for cribs, canopy beds, large entertainment centers and large bunk beds).

Safety Managements

NirmalTransport Packers and Movers, we provide due importance towards the safety of your items and also provide suitable suggestions to them based upon your requirement. Our experienced employee helps our customer for taking decisions, about placing the items at suitable places based upon the volume of items such that they face minimal jerks and bumps during transit. For us, the safety of your items during packing and transportation is an importance business policy. Based upon the volume suitable vehicle will be chosen, so that your items are safety transported to its destination, and also the transportation team faces minimum difficulty. » A customized safety process is devised to suit your specific relocation requirements. » International quality packing material such as bubble wrap and stretch film is used to cover the household items. This protects them against damages, moisture and dust. » Specialized packing for crockery and fragile items » Thermacol strips are used to cover the corners of glass-top tables and furniture to prevent chipping. » Naphthalene balls double wrapped in paper inside containers, to prevent seepage of strong smell which attracts pests and rodents, to your belongings. » Tamper proof sealing and locking ensures total protection from rain/dust/sun/water/pilferage. » 24- Hour Customer Care for any quiry.

Shifting Process

1. You are required to call us +91-9905597224 at the given number. Our desk officer will help you regarding your questions, and also ask for the confirmation of date and time for the shifting of your assets. 2. We will send a representative to your house or office, to estimate the volume of the items to be shifted and further suggest you the type of vehicle you may need. We will then provide you a challan and also inform you that how the shifting will take place safely from the source to destination. You will get an idea regarding the same and then you can give information to our desk officer regarding the planning and further discuss your grievances. Then our employee will then provide you the “consignment fix up receipt” as well as entire schedule of moving. 3. The most important thing in moving items is the how they can be transferred safely to your destination. NirmalTransport Packers and Movers provide highly skilled employee along with highest quality of packing materials to its customer. Our highly trained supervisor will visit your house and complete the packing and loading process as per your concern. 4. We make an exhaustive list of your property prior to loading. As we load those items in the container, our supervisor will not down the condition of each and every item. Its important to assure than the condition and description are accurate as per your concern. 5. By this way your household items will be made ready with waterproof packaging (for shifting to your new destination). 6. If you wish , you can sent your assistant with our container. Still, we will try to provide you the information every 6 hours. 7. As our crew members start to unload the items at your new destination, you should check your items against the checklist, because we can record the damaged items. Once you check all your items, our team will start to unpack the same.

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